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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charley Pot Pot

Despite Anne's busy schedule, she still finds time to spend quality time with her love ones especially her youngest sibling Charley whom she en-dearly calls Charley Pot Pot. She did not miss to celebrate her father's birthday last February 26.

                                           Posing time!!! Natural Model si Pot!!! ♥

                                   Cute cute cute cute cute cute!! Charley pot pot!!!

 Now on my way home to spend time with Daddy dearest and my baby Charley Pot Pot!!
                                                  Still daddy's little girl.

                    Erwan and Charley Pot Pot engrossed in the world of Ms Pacman

            Charley and I playing around! One of my fave series of us to date! Kyoooot!

(All the pictures are from Anne Curtis Twitter Account. Please follow @, let's make ger the first Filipino to reach 1M followers. As of this very moment, 761,905 followers and counting.)

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  1. kapatid din ba nya sa ina yan? or sa father side lang?